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Welcome to the Lab!

story lab logoThe Carolina Digital Story Lab is a UNC Chapel Hill student group dedicated to promoting digital literacy through digital storytelling. Our core premise is that everybody has a story to tell, and that the technology available to us at this point in time provides a unique opportunity to get more of those stories out into the world.

Our overarching objectives include:

  • providing education and training in digital literacy skills and practices
  • supporting student involvement in digital storytelling projects
  • creating community for people interested in digital storytelling
  • providing opportunities to serve the UNC-CH community through digital storytelling projects.

These objectives are interconnected. We’re especially interested in having members learn skills through the process of working on projects. This can in turn benefit the broader community, as the people who have gained those skills find chances to put them to use and pass them along to others. The ultimate goal is to empower students, community members, and local organizations to make digital stories of all kinds.

What We Do

To bring those objectives to life, here are some of the things we do:

  • Provide training on skills related to digital storytelling
  • Sponsor talks and workshops by practicing digital storytellers
  • Work with other groups that are interested in getting started with digital storytelling
  • Host service learning students working on digital storytelling projects
  • Create our own projects that serve as practice for members, and by doing so:
  • Record and publish stories from the UNC and Chapel Hill communities.

Wait, what do you mean by digital storytelling anyway?

Glad you asked. It’s actually a pretty big question—see here for some thoughts on it.

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For more on what we’ve been doing lately, check out the blog.