Podcast Episode #1

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Carolina Digital Story Lab podcast! We’re hoping to use this as a space to explore the idea of digital storytelling, present projects our members have worked on, and just try lots of stuff out. It’s all a big experiment. And we want lots of people to play along—if you have an idea for a future segment, get in touch: stories at unc dot edu.

The experiment thing is for real—for instance, I got some really great advice for improving my segment that I haven’t had time to actually do, so I’m publishing it in not-new-and-improved form in the interest of publishing it at all. Feel free to chime in with more suggestions in the comments. Or if you want to take a shot at reworking the audio I used, that could be really interesting—let me know and I’ll provide it. Conversely, if you’re interested in podcasting but don’t have much experience, consider this your license to go for it and not worry about being perfect. :-)

On to the show!


Show notes!:

License: this episode is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

-Segment one includes two appropriately-titled tracks: The Professor’s Lab, by Christian Bjoerklund; and At the Lab We Work and Play, by Good Old Neon.
-The outro music is Blach, by Raleigh Moncrief.

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