Bulk Buying

You see and hear about it all the time. Whether it’s the latest gaming system or the newest iPhone, there just never seems to be enough supplies in stock to satiate the demand at a products release. A small group of people use this lack of supply to their advantage by securing a device in bulk right at release in order to reap the profits from selling the devices on ebay or to other resellers overseas.

To these people who use this as a method for income, the iPad 3 release proved to be a major disappointment. It seems that this release was rare in that there were actually enough supplies to meet the demand. This was not due to demand being lower than in the past. It actually sold over three million units in four days to become the most successful of the iPad launches to date.

Many of the “bulk buyers” were actually seen returning many of the iPads due to lack of success in reselling them for profit. Whereas one man was quoted to have made between 50 and 100 dollars per unit (and selling about 1,000 units) during previous iPad releases, it seems as though this was simply not a possibility for the most recent launch.

Will the age of the “bulk buyer” die out if more companies start ensuring adequate launch supplies? One would think so, but time will only tell.




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