I have been traveling out of the state several times by car and plane this past week. This traveling has brought something to my attention that I am not usually aware of. During my travels, my connection to the rest of the world via the internet has been severely limited at times. The first hotel I was in did not have a free internet connection, and I was too stingy to pay however much per day to use it. I resorted to using my phone for anything I needed to look up, and I realized that I did not go on the internet much at all. It felt so peaceful without the omnipresent glow of my laptop beckoning me from the desk. Although I was not traveling for leisure, the break from my laptop made it feel a bit more like I was on vacation.

Being a college student, I know that I am very reliant on my computer and the internet. It is not until I have a prolonged break from it that I realize just how much so. I felt like I was missing out on events and information by not having them right at my fingertips. Most students’ laptops are like extensions of themselves, and when they are not with their computer, they are on their phones looking things up online. Sitting in the airport yesterday, I realized how many others were on their devices as well. Almost every single person I saw had a laptop, an iPad, a smart phone, or some other sort of technology out at one point or another. And in the airport, all of the seats around the charging docks were full.

I think that having some time away from my laptop and phone has given me time to focus on more important things, as well as relax a little bit and entertain myself in other ways. I became more cognizant of the great amount of time that I wasted online, looking through meaningless websites one after the other. I am going to try and keep this in mind when I am back at school, spending hours and hours on the computer each day. I’m able to take extended breaks without missing anything crucial, and I feel more willing to do work afterwards. I will also have more time to do other things besides browse the internet. That being said, with spring officially here it will be a lot easier to spend more time outside and not on my computer.

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