I’ll Facebook You


Do you have a Facebook account? You’re probably thinking to yourself, that’s a dumb question. Who doesn’t have a Facebook? I do have an account, but I also know a few people who actually don’t do the whole Facebook thing. I enjoy having Facebook. I like being able to connect with people, post pictures, and stay caught up on events on campus. Sure these things can be done in other ways, but I like Facebook. But I also admire those people who don’t have a Facebook. One friend of mine says she sees too many negative things and I can certainly respect that. I do not agree with everything on the site and I certainly do monitor who I am “friends” with, what I post, and what things other people post that comes up on my newsfeed. Facebook is not for everyone. But Facebook is for a whole lot of people. According to Statista, California is the state that has the most Facebook users. In 2011 they were up to almost 19 million people. That’s a few users. North Carolina has the tenth most Facebook users and their numbers are up to a little more than 4.5 million. Not too shabby. Given just those two values, California has more than 4 times as many Facebook users as North Carolina. The following link is where this information comes from and do check it out to see information about other states. What states do you think make up the top 3 with most Facebook users (in 2011)? (http://www.statista.com/statistics/187532/states-with-the-most-facebook-users-in-the-us/) Now I know that California is significantly bigger, but I wouldn’t have predicted that big of a difference. This is only a little bit of information, but cleary Facebook has become a norm and its popularity is overwhelming. You already know this and you don’t need me to tell you.

How many times have you met somebody for the first time, you wanted to stay in touch, and you told them, “I’ll Facebook you.” I have done that so many times. Now ask yourself, how many times were you able to find them? This is where I wasn’t as successful. If you found them, did you really stay in touch? Once again, for me, that wasn’t particularly successful. Your Facebook experiences are different than mine, but alike at the same time. Why do we always use Facebook as a way to connect with people these days? Sure, it’s easy. Well, at least it seems easy. Do we really get to know people? Maybe. Maybe not. Facebook is so popular, but I can’t help to wonder, is it actually good? Are we really benefiting from it? I like being informed aout events on campus and Facebook is often my source for finding out. Do we replace meeting up with people by chatting on Facebook? These are all things I think it’s important for us to

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