Is It Really “That” Important?

Technology is important, but just how important is it? First of all, it is absolutely everywhere. I don’t think anyone can go anywhere anymore without dealing with some sort of exposure to technology. Technology is in our hands, in our laps, next to us, in front of is, and in our bodies. Speaking as society as a whole, we are always carry around cell phones, iPods, or some small piece of technology. How many times have you seen a picture of a group of people and somebody, likely a few of them, have some device in their hand? I actually see this quite often. Maybe it’s good. Maybe it’s not so good. I think it goes to show how seemingly important technology is. I think most of us would agree that technology provides us with good things. With technology we are able to access things more easily, communicate better, and simply be connected to more things. However, I think it’s easy for people to get so caught up and consumed with technology that it becomes too important. Technology grows into being something that we become dependent on. We think that we “have” to have it. My generation has always been around a lot of technology and has seen technology really grow exponentially. But I remember the days when technology wasn’t as important as it appears to be today. I remember using dial-up to get internet. Slow internet. At my house I couldn’t be on the internet if one of my family members was on the phone. And when I was on the internet, our phone line was considered “busy” and nobody could call in and we couldn’t call out. Today, we can be on the internet, have 5 different tabs up, talk on the phone, and chat with someone online. None of these things make any of the other things “not work.” When I mention the stuff about dial-up it really wasn’t that long ago. In the technology world, it was like a century ago. It is so interesting when I talk about the technological changes that I have seen and been around for, which really isn’t a whole lot, and compare that to what my parents have experienced. You have probably heard some phrases similar to “I’ll die if I lose this phone.” Our technology means so much to us today and we act as if it some of our most important valuables. Maybe they are for some of you. When I listen to my parents talk about their childhood and growing up, they certainly didn’t have the technological advances that I have the pleasure of having today. They didn’t have a cell phone. They couldn’t text their friends. They couldn’t post events on Facebook. They couldn’t check the bus schedule. They had to use typewriters. They had to write out their notes in class. Like I said, technology is not a bad thing. But I do think the advancements that we have today make us too dependent on technology. It’s like we just can’t live without our devices. My grandparents and parents did great without all of the technology that we have today. I think it’s easy for us today to take advantage of the basic things that we have today. I think sometimes we focus entirely too much on technology while there are so many other important things. You may totally disagree with me and that’s perfectly fine! I’ll wrap up with this: I enjoy my cell phone and laptop. I often catch myself saying just how much I “need” them. I don’t exactly “need” them, but there are very useful and some things are made easier because I have the privilege of owning them.

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