It’s an App World

Today, it is assumed that people own smart phones. And if they don’t, they have an iPad/Kindle/Nook that works just as well. Now I got on the smart phone train pretty late, not getting my first smart phone until the beginning of this school year. I was holding out as long as possible and finally gave into buying one. I think that I would have a hard time going back to a “dumb” phone now. I mainly use mine for emailing and I feel like I am behind the curve on applications.
There is probably an application or “app” for anything you could think of and more. I find myself getting intimidated trying to look for some new app to download. I think that I’ve downloaded one app since I got my phone, the app – everything else on there came with the phone and I don’t use most of them. Looking through apps just overwhelms me. There are tons of apps that all do the same thing, and I do not know which to choose, so I end up not picking any. I know that the majority of people get most of their phone use from apps that they have, so I am behind in that sense.
Apps for smart technology is a huge industry. Companies have applications that allow you to access their information with greater ease than searching on the internet. You can play games, look at weather forecasts, make restaurant reservations, and a million other things that I would never even think of having an application for. What is crazy to me is the fact that people will pay for some of these applications that are completely useless. Some might get you an hour or so of entertainment before you get bored. I know people from both extremes- those that download any and every app and forget about them a couple of weeks later and those that only have the apps they use most, for social media or news.
I don’t think that I will hop on the app bandwagon any time soon, and I realize that I’m probably in the small minority of people doing the same. It would be much too dangerous an endeavor for me to delve into, as I could see myself spending way too much time on them. I like using my phone for utility, because I certainly do not need any more distractions than I already have.

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