If you take a look at the link listed above, one of the first things you’ll notice is “Siri. Your Wish is its command.” It certainly caught my attention. Instantly, Apple is promoting Siri in a certain light that pretty much says it can do it anything and everything. Maybe it can. I do not have 24/7 access to Siri, or any access really, because I am not the owner of an iPhone. I hear things about Siri from other people and I have seen her used briefly, maybe only once. Someone in my family got an iPhone a few months ago and Siri was one of the first things she talked about. This was my first knowledge of Siri. I was kinda confused at first and thought it was crazy. Technology in general is so over my head and I would think to myself, “How can some device know so much, do so much, and be so smart?” One of the more specific things I was told by my relative was that Siri would help in saying “Tar Heels.” What? Are you serious? Those were my main thoughts. How could I not be excited that Siri was smart enough to know the Tar Heels are the only way to go! Unfortunately disappointment followed that excitement because when my relative tried to get Siri to say Tar Heel, it did not. Sad. So maybe it can’t quite do everything. Or maybe the voice that is speaking into the iPhone has to be extremely clear and precise. I am still determined to hear Siri say Tar Heel. With the popularity of iPhones seemingly increasing, I think I will very much so have my chance. I would assume that this is not Siri’s most popular feature and since she can supposedly do it all, let’s see what else Apple has to say about it.

Still looking at the same link, I think one of Apple’s most interesting selling points is “Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back.” Ok, sounds like Siri is a person. When I read it I kind of think, what can’t Siri do? As you continue to read on their website, the idea of Siri being like a person becomes more possible. Apple even tells its consumers to “talk to Siri as you would to a person.” It becomes your own personal assistant and messenger. With all that Siri is capable of, it almost devalues people and what we are actually capable of. Is Siri supposed to do our work for us? Have we become so lazy that we need a technological device to find a place for us? Apple gives the example of “Tell my wife I’m running late.” If you are fully capable of speaking, can you not get in touch with your wife, or whomever it may be, and give them a simple message? Apparently, you can ask Siri to text people for you. Laziness. In addition, you can carry on conversations with Siri, just as if it is a person standing next to you. Kind of crazy!

I’m not saying that Siri isn’t helpful, because it is. However, I do think Siri can be used too much and for too many “simple” things. Remember, I don’t have an iPhone, but I think it would be easy for some people to become too dependent on Siri. I think it’s something that iPhone users should be cautious of and they should probably not make Siri their new “best friend.”

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