The Future of Transportation

Recently a new technology called Evacuated Tube Transport has been getting a lot of attention in the public eye. With reported possibilities of traveling from New York to Los Angeles in 45 minutes and Washington, D.C. to Beijing in two hours, it’s easy to see just what has gotten the public buzzing.

How does it work? It is basically an enclosed tube that eliminates the friction normally associated with travel. No friction means more efficient traveling. ET3, the company heading the efforts, reports that an evacuated tube could provide 50 times more transportation per kilowatt of energy than electric cars or trains currently provide.

The system is also designed in a way that would be quite safe. Being in it’s own one-way tube, a capsule would pretty much have no chance of being in a collision. It would also travel in a protected environment that would be virtually unaffected by weather. Finally, though it will travel at incredible speeds, the capsule would likely only experience around 1G of force which is around the normal amount of force that a human would experience in a car.

Will we see a technology like this come to fruition in our lifetime? Time will tell.


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