Watch What You Post on the Internet!

In a recent court case it has been ruled that tweets can be used against you in a court case… even if they have been deleted. In a New York trial, Criminal Court Judge Matthew Sciarrino, Jr. has ruled that no warrant is needed to view a defendant’s public tweets.

What has not been made clear is if the same would be true with “protected” tweets that are not freely available to the public. Whether “protected” tweets are safe from being subpoenaed or not, this serves as one of the seemingly constant reminders that we really need to be mindful of what we put on the Internet. I’ve been hearing it ever since the beginnings of Facebook from my high school English teacher, “Once you put it on the Internet, it’s always on the Internet.” This has proven to be true for the most part.

We are and will be held accountable for our actions and this is no different on the Internet. So think twice before you post that next crude tweet or post that embarrassing photo album on Facebook because it’s like a permanent marker on a dry-erase board: it can partially be erased, but there will always be remnants of it.


7 thoughts on “Watch What You Post on the Internet!

  1. Vipin

    Sara Posted on I’d travel, from crnotuy to crnotuy, living months in every place just to know how life is in that place.And doing this, I’ll try taking care of my inner self, learnig new things every day.

  2. Raghav

    alexandroupoli online kata ton eedspinewn akoyses ti eipe gia ton dimarxo soy????an arntine kai den theli katheresi apo to aksioma toy poy nomizei oti einai edw vasilias kai poiniki dioksi,ante na ton dw twra ti tha kanei,ante twra na klisei kai kamia lakoyva den einai ntropi.giati kai san dikigoros doyleia den tha exei…pite toy na kanei kai kanena viografiko stin etairia axriasto na einai tha paroyn polloys ergates.


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