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It’s an App World

Today, it is assumed that people own smart phones. And if they don’t, they have an iPad/Kindle/Nook that works just as well. Now I got on the smart phone train pretty late, not getting my first smart phone until the beginning of this school year. I was holding out as long as possible and finally gave into buying one. I think that I would have a hard time going back to a “dumb” phone now. I mainly use mine for emailing and I feel like I am behind the curve on applications.
There is probably an application or “app” for anything you could think of and more. I find myself getting intimidated trying to look for some new app to download. I think that I’ve downloaded one app since I got my phone, the app – everything else on there came with the phone and I don’t use most of them. Looking through apps just overwhelms me. There are tons of apps that all do the same thing, and I do not know which to choose, so I end up not picking any. I know that the majority of people get most of their phone use from apps that they have, so I am behind in that sense.
Apps for smart technology is a huge industry. Companies have applications that allow you to access their information with greater ease than searching on the internet. You can play games, look at weather forecasts, make restaurant reservations, and a million other things that I would never even think of having an application for. What is crazy to me is the fact that people will pay for some of these applications that are completely useless. Some might get you an hour or so of entertainment before you get bored. I know people from both extremes- those that download any and every app and forget about them a couple of weeks later and those that only have the apps they use most, for social media or news.
I don’t think that I will hop on the app bandwagon any time soon, and I realize that I’m probably in the small minority of people doing the same. It would be much too dangerous an endeavor for me to delve into, as I could see myself spending way too much time on them. I like using my phone for utility, because I certainly do not need any more distractions than I already have.

The #PassFir5t Phenomenon

If you have been on any type of social media or have even been on campus in the last week or so since Kendall Marshall fractured his wrist, you have to have heard of this #PassFir5t movement. What amazes me, but maybe shouldn’t, is the speed with which the whole thing took off. It just started with one person’s idea and that idea turned into a movement. In what seemed like hours, it spread like wildfire through Facebook and Twitter. Soon people from all over were posting pictures of themselves with a number five drawn in sharpie on their wrists in honor of the movement. It soon became something more when #PassFir5t paired with St. Baldrick’s Foundation and Basebald to raise money and awareness of childhood cancers.
With social media today being such a huge outlet for anything people want to do, I really should not be surprised at how quickly this movement gained momentum. Pair these forums with the diehard Carolina fans, and you can see how it evolved in the way that it did. After Kendall re-tweeted some of messages posted by #PassFir5t, they gained over 1,000 followers and lots of pictures within an hour. Then they set up a page where you can buy shirts with the movement’s philosophy on it, proceeds going to the aforementioned group. Within 24 hours, they had raised over $2,000. This was all possible because of the popularity of Facebook and Twitter.
If something like this had been coordinated even five years ago, the movement would not have gained such momentum so rapidly. This goes to show how integrated these social media outlets are with our lives. Something so simple can be spread in a matter of hours, and before you knew it, our injured point guard had a hash-tag taped to his brace. This is the case for almost anything on these sites nowadays. There are definite trends seen easily when going through news feeds, with a certain article or YouTube video being posted from friends all over the country. Something that was essentially unknown can rise to national and international levels in absurd amounts of time. That being said, this is one movement that I am glad gained popularity.

To find out more information about the PASSFIR5T Movement you can visit the following places:
Donate at:
Order T-shirts:
Follow us on Twitter: @PassFir5t



I have been traveling out of the state several times by car and plane this past week. This traveling has brought something to my attention that I am not usually aware of. During my travels, my connection to the rest of the world via the internet has been severely limited at times. The first hotel I was in did not have a free internet connection, and I was too stingy to pay however much per day to use it. I resorted to using my phone for anything I needed to look up, and I realized that I did not go on the internet much at all. It felt so peaceful without the omnipresent glow of my laptop beckoning me from the desk. Although I was not traveling for leisure, the break from my laptop made it feel a bit more like I was on vacation.

Being a college student, I know that I am very reliant on my computer and the internet. It is not until I have a prolonged break from it that I realize just how much so. I felt like I was missing out on events and information by not having them right at my fingertips. Most students’ laptops are like extensions of themselves, and when they are not with their computer, they are on their phones looking things up online. Sitting in the airport yesterday, I realized how many others were on their devices as well. Almost every single person I saw had a laptop, an iPad, a smart phone, or some other sort of technology out at one point or another. And in the airport, all of the seats around the charging docks were full.

I think that having some time away from my laptop and phone has given me time to focus on more important things, as well as relax a little bit and entertain myself in other ways. I became more cognizant of the great amount of time that I wasted online, looking through meaningless websites one after the other. I am going to try and keep this in mind when I am back at school, spending hours and hours on the computer each day. I’m able to take extended breaks without missing anything crucial, and I feel more willing to do work afterwards. I will also have more time to do other things besides browse the internet. That being said, with spring officially here it will be a lot easier to spend more time outside and not on my computer.