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Your donations will help the Story Lab achieve our goals. We’re especially interested in the slightly-out-of-date technology that’s been cluttering your desk drawer—although we’d also be happy with some cash. To donate anything, please contact us. Here’s the some of the stuff we’re currently looking for, but feel free to check in about items that aren’t on the list:

  • digital video cameras
  • digital photo cameras
  • digital audio recorders
  • microphones
  • USB drives
  • Apple computers
  • laptops
  • Multimedia software (Apple iLife suite specifically)
  • computer monitors
  • a folding table
  • batteries (alkaline or rechargeable)
  • whiteboards
  • tools (especially small ones for electronics repair)
  • corkboards
  • A/V cables and adapters of any kind
  • office supplies (hanging file folders, heavy duty scotch tape, markers, post-its, paper, flip charts w/sticky paper etc.)
  • heavy-duty staple gun and staples

2 thoughts on “Donate Stuff

  1. Harry

    Wondering is you would have any interest in a couple of items we no longer use?.

    1 is a Philips Respirex C-PAP machine used to treat sleep apnea

    2 is a Sony Handycam Video camcorder, model is CCD-FX330

    Both units date from about 2005 or 06

    1. Mike

      Hi Harry,

      Don’t think we need a c-pap machine, but we could probably take that camcorder off your hands! Email stories at unc dot edu if you’d like to set up a donation. Thanks!



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