“Rule 1: Call everything an experiment.” – advice on how to change the way institutions function, from 10 Rules for Radicals by Carl Malamud

What is an “experiment”?

We call our organized projects “experiments.” This is more than just a cute way to continue our lab motif, it also helps us frame our activities in a way that encourages innovation and learning. We like to push boundaries and explore new territory. This means some of our projects could, in fact, end differently than we planned. The risks are worth taking, but calling our projects “experiments” helps us contextualize that risk within an academic process.

Want to get involved in an experiment?

We’re just starting to plan our first crop of experiments. Check out the Group Directory to learn more. Here you can browse ideas and request to join a group to get involved.

Have an idea for an experiment?

If you are a student, and have an idea for a project you’d like to do and would like some help with, you can create a “group” on our website that will help you organize people and keep track of your progress:

  1. If you haven’t already, become a member of the Lab by registering.
  2. Create a group (make it private so that only members of the Lab website can see it).
  3. Tell others in the Lab about your group – email our listserv or write a blog post if you want a wider audience.
  4. Start planning! Use the group’s built in forum and status update features to keep in touch with your group. Each group has an RSS feed to help you stay up to date.

Class projects

Service learning doesn’t always have to mean big, involved experiments (although we like those too). The meat and potatoes of the Lab’s work comes in the form of regular class assignments. Take a look at some of our students’ digital class projects. Do you have an idea for a digital storytelling project for one of your class assignments that you’d like some help with? That’s what we’re here for – contact us.

Check back often!

As our website and group grow, we will be documenting the progress of our projects here. This will include the actual stories we’re making, as well as details on how we do what we do.