For Spring 2013 APPLES Students

Carolina Digital Story Lab & COMP 380/APPLES: Spring 2012

This semester you will work in partnership with the Carolina Digital Story Lab to complete various projects as assigned. You will be responsible to your group as well as to your supervisor. Weekly communication is expected between you, your group, and the supervisor.
At the end of this semester, you will be able to tell effective stories using various technology outlets such as podcasts, blogs, and videos. Not only will you have the basic technical skills to create these items, you will also be able to understand and explain the importance of using these technologies to tell stories.

• To be determined by group and Director
• Note: Your goal should be to complete 3-4 hours per week to reach 30 hours total.

Group 1: Gavin LeFever, Chris Lo, Jason Perfetto
Group 2: Grant Anastas-King, Dalton Brooks, Thomas Brader
Group 3: Zachary Williams, Bays Coppedge, Bo Nebolisa, DJ Duncan
Group 4: Kay Park, Jessica Barker, James Lancaster, Scarlett Liang

How to tell a story
Ira Glass on storytelling: (Part 1 of 4)

Podcasting Resources
The subject can be of you and your group’s choosing. You will want to consider the ways in which storytelling can be used through this medium. Sitting down with your group to discuss a topic that interests all of you can be effective as long as you prepare yourselves beforehand. For inspiration, check out and

Examples from past Story Lab podcast teams:

How to create a podcast:

Blogging Resources
A blog is more than a place to share your ho-hum, day-to-day experiences. While it can include this type of information, you need to consider that there is an art to writing a blog post. It’s just like a story.
Your assignment is to exemplify your understanding of how to tell a story using this medium. The subject matter is up to you and your group though it does need to relate to the Story Lab and your COMP 380 class. You can each write your own individual blogs, or you can write one blog entry together. You will want to consider the importance of researching your subject before putting any words down. Citation of sources is required.

Suggested topics:
• Digital literacy — its importance and implications
• How to/tutorials — information on using new technology

Tips & resources:

Filming/interviewing/editing Rotation
There is more to creating an interesting video interview than sitting someone down in front of a camera with a mic and pressing record. You will want to think about your location (not only how it looks, but how it sounds) as well as the questions that you ask.
You and your group will want to choose some aspect of campus life that interests you. Interview students, faculty, or staff who are involved in this area of campus by asking them about not only their involvement, but also how they view this aspect of campus life. Some examples of aspects can be student organizations, the libraries, an interesting/crazy/fun professor, or even a particular job that someone does at UNC.

Interviewing tips:

Tips and tricks for video production:

UNC’s Digital Media Lab:

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