Crash Course

Social Media Buzz


1:45 – Sign-In and Introductions
2:00 – Why Social Media? To Tell Digital Stories…
2:10 – Tools Overview
2:30 – Hands-on Workshop
3:30 – Break
3:40 – Blog Post Show & Tell
4:00 – Strategy Discussion
4:40 – Feedback/Evaluation

1:45 Sign-In & Introductions

  • Sign-in
  • Introduction Questions: What social media tools are you interested in? What is the primary kind of change your agency trying to produce?

2:00 – Why Social Media? To Tell Digital Stories…

2:10 – Workshop Overview

  • Tools Introduction
  • Group brainstorming: What story do you want to tell in a blog post?

2:30 – Hands-on Workshop

WordPress: Blogging

Flickr: Photo Sharing

  • Open a tab at > click Search > Adavanced Search
  • On the small toolbar above the photo, click the triangle on the far right
  • Click Grab the HTML/BBCode
  • Copy/Paste code into blog post HTML tab
  • Click Visual tab. Adjust size and add metadata

Twitter: Microblogging

  • Make a widget for your blog:
    • Adjust settings and copy code
    • Go to your WordPress site and click Manage Website or Site Admin to get to your dashboard
    • Click Appearance > Widgets
    • Under Available Widgets, drag Text to your Default sidebar
    • Paste in code, click Save, then Close
  • Make your time on Twitter productive – think about making a Twitter favorites widget for your blog, e.g.

Facebook Pages: Social Networking

  • Create a Page for your organization at (requires Facebook account)
  • Copy your Facebook Page URL and click Add Like Box. Adjust settings and copy/paste into WordPress site
  • Google ‘FBML’ if you’re serious about customizing your Page (Facebook Markup Language)
  • To delete fake Page go to Ads and Pages >  Edit Page > Manage Permissions > Permanently Delete This Page

3:30 – Break

3:40 – Blog Post Show and Tell

4:00 – Social Media Strategy Presentations/Discussion

Message Stickiness – Daniel

Metrics and Analytics – Brandon

Fundraising – Mike

4:40 – Feedback/Evaluation

Extras if time

Animoto: Slideshows

Slideshows that you can’t control!

Organizational Tweeting

More stats

  • - requires Google Account
  • On your WordPress site, go to the admin Dashboard and click Settings > Google Analytics. Follow the instructions there.

Getting scholarly with your social media?

  • Start here: boyd, d., & Ellison, N. (2007). Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship. Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, 13(1), 210-230.
  • For the bleeding edge of privacy issues in social networking, watch Fred Stutzman:

Link shorteners

  • The magic of statistics. Could you use stats in evaluation of your program?
  • If you register at, you can paste in your URL and click Customize to get rid of the funny numbers and letter, e.g.
  • Add a + sign to the end of your link to see stats:

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One thought on “Crash Course

  1. Jane Tobia

    Great info; just hard to absorb in big group and only 3 hours. Gave me a lot to think about. Help team was wonderful! Thank you.


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