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Help us raise $$$: Bid on this iPod!

ipod nano watch

do you know what time it is?

Last week, incoming treasurer Peter Zasowski and I went to the kick-off event for the Carolina Challenge “idea competition” (aka business plan competition) at Top of the Hill. As if some good networking and a cask-drawn stout weren’t good enough, I also won the door-prize drawing for an iPod Nano!

Having recently succumbed to the iPhone fever myself, and belonging to a student group that needs some dough, I set up an eBay account for the Lab and have put the iPod up for auction.

I would MUCH rather hand deliver this to someone at UNC, so head on over to the iPod-Bay and help a student group out! Proceeds will help start a research fund for student members who are doing digital media related work: http://j.mp/CDSLfundriaser.