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Campus Y Oral History Project

promo image for Campus YSince its establishment in 1859, the Campus Y has been one of the most vibrant student organizations at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Through student dedication and commitment, the Y is a leader in on-campus discussion and dialogue and off-campus service and activism. Through the years, the Y led the racial integration of the student body, the opposition to the Vietnam war, the effort to improve wages and working conditions for University employees, the establishment of the Sonja Haynes Stones Center for Black Culture and History and many other efforts to improve our campus and our community.

In fall of 2009, the Y created an Oral History Project in  hopes to preserve the living history and legacy of the Y. Over the last year, the staff at the Y and student volunteers have been conducting oral histories with alumni and former staff. We now have interviewed over 45 Campus Y alumni and staff, and have a growing team of student interviewers helping to conduct these interviews. All of our oral histories will be made available in full on the Southern Oral History Program’s website and through the library archives within the next several months, and shorter clips will soon be available on our Campus Y website.

This weekend on campus, the Y will be celebrating it’s 150th Anniversary.  As the final plans for the Campus Y’s 150th Anniversary weekend come together, we want to extend the invitation to the weekend celebration.  The 150th Anniversary Reunion will have spaces designated for individual and group interviews, as well as a small exhibition of the Y’s history with audio from our project and materials from throughout the Y’s 150 years here. Furthermore, a theatrical performance of the oral histories will take place Friday 2pm at Gerrard Hall after Professor and Folklorist Dr. Bill Ferris speaks about the legacy of the Y.

Please take a minute to review the weekend program here http://campus-y.unc.edu/index.php/contact-us/377-anniversary-homepage.

For more information on the Oral History Project, and audio clips of select interviews visit: http://campus-y.unc.edu/index.php/oral-history-project-reflections

Thank you for all that you do for the Campus Y – we look forward to seeing you October 15 – 17

[ed. - this post was authored by our friends at the Campus Y]